Learn to Play Guitar!

Guitar class is in session! Time to learn guitar and have a ton of fun making music! If you are a kid dying to play guitar then this book is for you. Specially designed for the young beginner, Geetar Method covers all the basics of learning to play guitar.

Proper Technique: Avoid bad habits that will slow you down. Learn the best way to play!

Chords and Songs: Geetar Method is full of great songs to sing while you learn to strum chords.

Music Theory: Want to become the best player on your block? Your school? The World? Music Theory gives you the tools to do just that. Learn to read music and name notes and you will be the best guitarist you can be!

Video Games: Yes you read that right! Geetar Method also incorporates the games over at GuitarGames.net for a really fun approach to learning guitar.