Learn the best way to play the guitar. Proper technique will help you play fast and avoid injury. The Geetar Method incorporates centuries old Classical guitar techniques that will have you playing at your best.


But, the Geetar Method teaches all these techniques in a way that is fun and appropriate for kids. Learn how candy canes, mouse holes, tents, and a walking man can help you play guitar.


Learn Music Theory with Video Games!

Yes, you read that right! The Geetar Method makes use of the video games over at our sister site So instead of boring drills or flashcards you can learn music theory while fighting space monsters.

Note Squish

Learn to read notes while smashing gopher’s heads!

Note Squish

Birds of Fretopia

Identifythe names of the notes on the neck while capturing alien birds.


And many many more!

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Chords and Songs

The Geetar Method is full of great songs to sing while you learn to strum chords. Folk songs like The Fox and classic hymns like Amazing Grace. Singing fun, recognizable tunes is the best way to learn to sing and strum!